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Those conversations are almost temporal and aren’t on your own property. On a blog, that method makes for a miserable comment section, one where the writer has chosen to “set it and forget it.”
Blog comments dispel misunderstandings by letting readers and author connect directly. The author can clarify or expound on something that may be confusing readers.
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Online news articles often have comments (and they aren’t always worth reading, believe me). They are not blogs; they are more like dead forums. Blogs are (at least they used to be) a two-way conversation between writer and readers.
Content marketing has certainly blurred the line (and the need for such a line if there ever was one) between distinct categorizations of content, but a blog post has a different feel to it than an article, even if only in theory.
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An article is matter-of-fact. A blog seems more personal. An article relays information. A blog tells a story, even unintentionally over time as the posts accumulate.
Sometimes having blog comments helps you, the writer, stay away from a dry article. Knowing there is a possibility people will comment keeps you on your toes.
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I’ve often considered turning off the comments on my personal blog. The main reason I haven’t? No joke: my mom enjoys leaving encouraging comments, so I leave them on. But maybe you’ve decided to turn your blog comments off? You have every right to do so.
There are blogs that do not have comments, and there is a place for that. Even readers are revolting against blog comments with a “don’t read the comments” trend due to blogs whose unmoderated comment sections are an ugly, vile disaster.
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